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Often when people go looking look for a personal trainer they have a vague idea that they want to get fitter, healthier and change their body, but no greater goal than that. After a few months, and when the changes become apparent, clients start to set themselves some new goals, new challenges and ask for changes in their training.

A client story:
I have been training and advising Steve since late 2012 when he joined a 45 – 50 years group training with me in a London park.  These men had been very fit and active but allowed themselves to lose fitness and gain weight as other time demands and a few too many business lunches took their toll.

Steve was consistent in making two sessions a week of bodyweight resistance training and boxing. Progress was slow but steady, he was able to do full press-ups again and began to feel better.  At 6’4” tall and around 18 stone Steve was overweight and  wanted to drop a few kilos. After 6 months with me he did my ‘Quick Fix’ diet – dropping 5kg in two weeks – which was the kick start that got Steve over his fitness hump and back into clothes that hadn’t fitted for years

A keen cyclist in his youth and now with more time and renewed fitness, Steve got back on his road bike in mid-2013. He was soon combining my sessions with three or more sessions per week on the road – typically long cardio work over 2 hours plus.  Steve rides on average over 150 miles per week  and has completed several challenging events including Manchester to London in a day (230 miles) in 2014 and 2015; and seven back-to-back stages of the 2015 Tour de France in Brittany and the Pyrenees.

Now at 50 Steve manages himself but still sees me about once a week in London for some training and a chat about fitness, any aches, diet and whatever event he is thinking of doing. He trains regularly, rides for fun, enjoys food and wine; and says he has never felt better.


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