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I want personal training for weightloss do you do that.

Absolutely! The movement improvement based approach I use has a high calorie burn as each exercise involves your whole body working rather than just muscles in isolation. I load exercises with various tools such as a kettlebell or the Core Momentum Trainer to add variety and difficulty so you can get an even tougher workout. This in combination with a sensible approach to a calorie controlled diet, and over the years my clients have shed a lot of weight.

Can you offer advice on nutrition and diet.

Yes. From some fundamentals of eating more healthily, through to a strict diet to achieve a certain goal I will help you. My clients also get a discount from a leading nutritionist should they require a more specific and detailed diet plan.

I want to improve my golf game, what can you do.

I can analyse your swing using slow motion video. My job is to then help you improve areas of your body that are preventing a good swing such as motion at the hip and pelvis and rotation of the spine, effectively trying to oil you so that you’re able to create the swing a golf coach wants so you can hit the ball consistently farther.

I want to run a marathon have you got the experience to help me.

I have run the Virgin London Marathon myself and have trained several clients to do the same. I have assisted my wife, Sarah Kingston, in her training, reducing her times from 3hrs 27 down to 2hrs 55. Twelve years of going through the process of training and preparation has allowed me to be comfortable helping anyone to achieve their goal, usually to break one of the barriers that occur every half hour, but particularly sub 4 hours. See my specific training page to contact me.

I'm coming back from injury, can you help with my rehabilitation

It’s vital you have a diagnosis and treatment from a physiotherapist, doctor or surgeon if you have a specific injury, however once you have been cleared to progress I can put into practice my movement analysis techniques and work to get you moving better and free from pain. I have worked with a hockey player who snapped his achilles tendon, and a footballer who tore his acl in the past two years, both got back to high levels of activity, either running or playing.

I live abroad, how can Personal training online help me.

You can get my expert help with programmes or advice for any of my training areas with my online service. I can offer support by email, messenger or Google hangout to keep you on the right track with either your current programme or one that I have  written for you. By signing up to the excellent online exercise service healthclubtv, you can connect with me and I can give you videos of exercises I want you to do in your workout.

I'm a new personal trainer interested in becoming a Faster trainer, what do i need to do.

Go to our website www.fasterglobal.com and take a look at the array of online courses we offer. We start at levels 2 and 3 and can take you right through to becoming a Faster Course Director like myself. Along the way you will need some help going through the course material, which is where I come in. I can be hired to help give you live, 1-2-1 training at your convenience, to help make sense of all the information and to try out any of the techniques that you have learned.

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