The subject of nutrition within the Fitness Industry has become something of a mine field, with a never ending stream of poor information being made public both by trainers and journalists.

I am more than happy to assess current dietary status and make some recommendations, especially with regards to calorie consumption and macro nutrients.

photo-3However, I am delighted to announce that moving forward my clients will be able to use the services of one of the countries leading nutritionists, Joseph Agu, at a discounted rate. If you have a specific requirement or need a fully organised nutrition plan former English Institute of Sport nutritionist Joe will be able to help.

Joseph Agu BSc. MSc. is a Nutrition Consultant specialising in fat loss, muscle gain and performance nutrition. In essence, he changes peoples’ lives for the better by manipulating their long-term eating habits and various lifestyle factors. He is very objective his approach (which is pretty rare in this field), using the weight of the available scientific literature to support his practise. 

Joe is currently completing a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Christian Cook at Bangor University, focusing on nutritional strategies to optimise performance in strength and power based sports.

He recently left his Performance Nutritionist role with the English Institute of Sport (EIS) – in which he was the lead nutritionist to most of Britain’s best track and field athletes – in order to focus on his business and academic endeavors.

You can find more of his work at:

Twitter: @JosephAgu


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Joseph Agu BSc. MSc.

Managing Director

Joseph Agu Nutrition Consultant Ltd.